Monday, January 12, 2009

Beginning of the Class

Salam & good day all

I just finished my first class for the day - CAT class - Managing People and Systems class. There was a large number of students in my class (I teach section 2) - nearly 70 students in my class and all of them attended the class today. So I asked them to list their names together with their contact numbers. Well, since it was the first class, so I just having a briefing session and what not. About 3 pm I called off the day and will be seeing them tomorrow at 8.30 am class. They requested to start the class at 8.45 am for them to have's ok with me. They were quite far and hope they will maintain their good attitude throughout the semester.

Then, back in my room continuing updating my teaching module for CAT subject...some of the students wanted to have a copy of my module, so need to rush updating the module. Hopefully it can be finished within this week.

Not much to tell today....not in the good mood for "dancing" my fingers today on the keyboard..ahaks...need to settle my work first...start to busy now huhuhu
Before I end this short "story-telling"....want to wish RIDHWAN (my ex-CAT student)...a HAPPY BIRTHDAY...WAN HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO U...WISH U A HAPPY AND JOYFUL DAY IN YOUR LIFE...see ya later...

Friday, January 9, 2009


Lunch tadi igt nak gi ambik kasut semalam tukar org tu xde gi solat me and ila went to jusco (mana lg nak gi...itu je tpt paling vogue kt cheras)...jalan2 kat jusco pas tu..mana lg nak mengulau...kt tpt kasut la...first went to vincci...hemm not bad kasut design (survery dulu beb..heheh)...pastu gi pulak kat primavera...jeng..jeng..jeng..ternampak a pair of shoes yg mmg cantik and looks sexy (high heels tuh..kaler hitam and cream)...bila test je..fuuhh mmg mengancam jiwa raga and menggoncang kalbu..huhuhu...testing dpn cermin...awek salesgirl senget jek kepala tgk (sengal tol...nak bergaya pun x buat dek je kes kan)....mmg lawa seh...tergoda habis dia mmg very the vogue and very modern look. 50% sale tuh...isk...isk..isk...pegang pas tu letak..pastu pegang balik...test lg...belek dpn cermin...(aku sudah tergudaaaaaaaaa....tolongggggg). mmg nak kena beli....Ila kata xpe sabar...sabar...kasut dah byk...cukup2 dulu (tp x boleh tahan godaan kasut itu...tidakkkkkk)...tunggu gaji bln ni..mintak2 adala lg stok...huhuhu....tungguuu...tapi mcm nak kena beli gak....tadi pun nak balik pun mcm sayang nye nak melepaskan kasut itu...huhuhuhu...oh kasut....oh tidak....tidak...tidakkkk

on the way back gi singgah jap kat pandan jaya...abang cobbler tu dah amik kasut...okla cun dah repair tumit...leh pakai next week...melaram kasut mana yg ada...

xpe...dpt gaji ni nanti jagola ekau wahai kasut primavera yg sexy dan menawan..akan ku belik ekau jugak...tunggguuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Busy Day

Salam and good day all

Today my ICSA students (Matric, PDCA and IQS) registered until afternoon. I was involved in handling my grouping of students, informing them when the class will begin, etc...etc...suddenly my head was so dizzy and pain (non-stop since yesterday). The students came to see me to get their timetable but I haven't photostate them yet coz there's some adjustment to do and I told them I'll give them next week before the class begin. I've also informed them that I will be having briefing (by level) as soon as possible regarding the ICSA and their next thing to do. Especially for Matric level, I need to brief them in detail about their structure and coursework coz this sem (Sem 2) will be their final Sem before they can pursue to PDCA (if they successfully passed their exam in June 2009), Insyaallah.

I've decided to go the nearest clinic during lunch coz can't stand the pain (nak pengsan seh...2 hari x baik2). Sheeba came and we chit-chat for a while. She's here to make her clearance coz she's completed her DBIT course and she asked my opinion whether she needs to further degree or to work first. Well, I guess she knows what she wants to do for her next move, like I said to her previously, it's better to work to gain experience and explore new environment. You can study part-time or PJJ (it's just the matter of putting your morale and interest in doing what you are in). Same as what Ila said, work first to have that experience and learning yourself to be matured in facing challenging world outside as well as being independent. Who knows, there's good opportunity that we might never realize ahead of us...

Nearly 1 pm, accompanied with my best buddy (Ila), we went to Klinik Kita at Pandan Jaya. The doctor was so nice and warmth. She said that I have migrain, sore throat and flu and she said she's going to give the strongest antibody to release my pain. While checking my blood pressure, we have short conversation (borak2 kosong skit)...and Alhamdulillah my BP is ok. Then, few minutes after that the nurse called me and gave me the medicines. I was given antibody (the strongest one...x taula kuat mana..huhuhu), flu, for throat, for cough (all pills...isk...isk..isk...I really don't like to eat pills....). Total RM49.00 (lagi singgit yo nak 50 hinggit huhu..nasib baik leh claim...hehhehe). Tq my fren for taking me to the clinic...appreciate ur hospitality and assistance...

After that went to the cobbler to repair my shoes (5 pairs of tumit tu...). 1 pair of shoes costs more/less about RM4 to RM8 (huhuhuhuhu...ranap den....tula addicted sgt kat kasut...rasokan la...padan muko den sendiri...x serik lg tu nak beli lg pas ni...). I've decided to take the shoes tomorrow since Ila needs to meet her classmates to discuss their assignments for Master class. Back at the office, continued my work completing my department members' timetable and then give to the members for them to check. Hope everything's ok.

My next task was to schedule for resit exam for my Matric students which will be held on the 3rd week of January (Insyaallah) most probably by 19/1 - 21/1/09. I pray that they can do better for this resit exam and can continue their next study with other friends. By tonight or early morning tomorrow I need to sms/call them to inform the resit schedule and what they need to do before the resit exam. Tomorrow morning, I need to email to Kak Inazlina (AS'AD/Exam Unit) to schedule for the resit exam.

Now it's 4.45 pm. Sitting at my workstation in front of the pc...(termenung dan merenung monitor pc yg agak2 comel ada gambar kucing nih...x tau nak buat pe dah...). Head feels dizzy and pain...just took the pills and feels sleepy too (ok gak balik naik bus nanti leh tido sambil dgr mp3 hehehehe...). The road is starting to jam-pack, bz with so many vehicles (biasala kalau dah start skolah ni jalan back to normal la jam...huhuhuhu) and start to arrive home late...huhuhuhu. Tonight I want to sleep early coz the doctor said I haven't have enough rest and sleep that's why I got this flu and pain. Yeah she's's not that I don't want to but I need to settle my work then I can rest peacefully (hehehehe)...but it's ok...I like what I'm doing and thank to Allah for giving me good job for my survival (Amin...).....Till then, chiooowwww...

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Students Registration

Salam & good day all

This morning at 8:30 a.m. me and zarila together with our BOSS, kak ani, were involved in the new students' registration for KPTM program (DBIT/DCS). We "placed" ourself at "Kaunter 4" for "Semakan Dokumen" for new students who will be enrolled into this college. It's quite fun when you've got to involve in this "event" coz you've got to see various kinds of parents accompanying their sons/daughters to register (kind of remembering myself though when my parents accompanied me to register for my Diploma program at UiTM...isk..isk..isk.. - will never forget that)

I handled for checking all the documents needed for the student's registration is completed and certified (for any copied documents). I finished the "duty" at 1:00 p.m. (thank you to AS'AD for providing us "mihun goreng" for breakfast and "nasi campur + pisang" for lunch plus the mineral water...). Well, I haven't done this kind of activity for quite a long time since the last time my "duty" assisting marketing unit few years back...remembering those days, I got the opportunity to go and visit to many kinds of schools, places, and involved in various kinds of education exhibitions as well as meeting various kinds of people. It's kind of fun even quite tiresome but I got the opportunity to explore and experience new "work" and "job" besides making new friends at a new department...hehehehe

Tomorrow will be different registration for different programs and I wish everything will be fine and in order. Can't wait to seeing semester of course hehehhe...

Till then, chiowwww....

Monday, January 5, 2009

Feel Good Today

Salam & Good Day All

Hemm today I feel good and I'm in a good mood even some work still pending and yet to be completed in due time. I'm not sure what makes me feel good today but I guess let it be that way that I'll put a smiley face throughout my journey home.

This morning me and Dilla settled some part of time table which has not yet been keyed-in in the CMS but yet there're still some part needed to check and update since the "ketua" si Rosima (minah laser...hehehehe..jangan marah ek...) will be coming in after her "cuti" to check the time table....(takut weh bila dia pasang sound speaker dia..wakakakakaka)

In the afternoon, I helped Ila (Zarila Zahari) set her blog (heheheheh...macam dah pandai sikitla buat blog ni...tu yg mcm berlagak semacam jekk...) and now she has her own blog...(samo eh jakun jap cam den gak ah...x dapek nolong ah).

Me and Alice (from IED department) have some chat (quite long the chatting...kat tepi toilet lak tuh..ceh...maintain vogue skit...hehehehhe)...well just a general conversation about work and future...Hemm, talking about future, I guess it's time for me to find the next step that is to further my study to the next level...may be in Master or Professional program like Chartered Secretary (ICSA). I kind of falling in love with ICSA since I was appointed as the Coordinator and I found that this course gives me an in-depth input about the program. Yup, sounds interesting about ICSA and I'm going to find out more detail about the whole structure coz as far as I concern...after attending some of MAICSA luncheons, functions, meetings, conferences...I found that this course is promising and also very $$$$$...heheheehhe, Insyaallah...yup that's my next move. And thanx to Ila for her supporting and encouragement for me to pursue in this program.

Not to forget, congratulates to Ila also for her good grades in exam (EMBA program)...I know you can do it bebeh...and work hard for your dream. Feel happy for you.

Hemm, 1 hour left for me to pack my things and go back. Today, a few students came and met me especially the ICSA students asking about their registration and time table. Then, prepare my teaching planner for my next subjects to teach for new session.

Next week, I'll be starting busy with classess and my other work, but I'm happy of what I am doing...That's right when you put interest in what you are doing, of course you'll find yourself happy in doing what you are involved in. Like chiko, he told me that he has set his band and has wrote a single which I have read the lyrics and found it so touching and sentimental (jiwang karat seh....heheheeh)...Well chiko, I wish you all the best and don't forget to give me 1 album once you have successfully recorded a song eh...heheheehheehe

Well, that's it for now....nothing much to tell you all today...till then...chioowwwwww

Friday, January 2, 2009

New Day...New Beginning

Salam & good evening

The weather outside is cloudy and windy and in my room is very cold...feels shivering to my spine ahaks...Hope it's not raining so that I could go back safe & sound.

The UiTM students have started their classes (even not all but some of the lecturers have started their classes)...the new beginning for these students to battle and work hard to success for the new semester (pray for them...Insyaallah). After that, the next course will come in....and the college will be filled with all kinds of students, with different looks, make-ups, hairstyle??? (maybe)...and new resolution and promise. I can still remember when I was student before. Reading some of my students' blogs of their past memories and stories, well I also remember some of my memories and stories (the happy ones, the sad ones, the unexpected ones...etc...). Sometimes I feel like to go back to those days heehhee...

As chiko said...what has been left behind should not be forgotten but to be remembered as history and to learn from them as well as to improve ourselves for this new year. Thanx chico, reading your blog makes me realize how important is past memories for us to ponder (love to read your blog..heheheeh). Same goes to Ila and Aza...telling about your memories make me thinking of mines too huhuhuhu.

So many memories to remember and I will always remember them and keep them to my heart till the end of my breath (I guess some things are better left unrevealed eh...). Life is filled with so much surprises and happenings. So, expect the unexpected and take the opportunity to explore yourself and learn new things...well that include me too, I am learning to learn new things and try to be a better person....BUT first I need to learn to make myself happy so that I know how to make other people happy. We always wonder and assume that when we look at people surround you happy, then you tend to say "OK they are happy, so I am happy for them..." but we will never know whether they are actually happy or otherwise??? until we approach them and know what their feelings are and what they feel at the moment.

We might look happy on the outside...but on the inside, no one knows (only Allah..the Almighty ONE knows what we are facing and going through)...Life has its ups and downs and we are living in a cycle of life where we might be at the top today and tomorrow, who knows, we might be flopped down at the bottom. I am learning to remind myself to always remember that when I am at the top, always look down and always remember our roots and how do we begin climbing the ladders up to where we are now. Nothing is easy...even when you want to drink and desperately need water and the only way is to buy whether you like it or not you have to buy it right?...therefore, life has a price to pay and whatever you are have to pay for the price. NO PAIN, NO GAIN...and when you face the pain...then you'll taste the gain...You know what's ahead you. Plan your life and live in with harmony and peace.

Erni, I wish you all the best and congrats for the offer for you to work at oversea...I'm very proud of you. Take it as the opportunity, it's your destiny and grab while you can. I'll always pray for the better life and future for you wherever you are. Nana, congrats also for having a new home and baby...feels happy to hear that. I wonder how are my former SS (Secretarial course students) are doing now...hope they're doing fine..(miss them a lot...)

Last but not least, 2009 is not about celebrating a new year but also it is about experiencing a new life, exploring new experiment, learning new things, etc...Remember, when we are looking for the future, don't forget the past...

Till then..chiowwww


Salam and Morning

Today is a special day for my beloved "sister" @ "mom" who has been with me for 9 years now...Kak Jah @ Pn. Halijah Ahmad (former lecturer at KPTM KL, now is in Lembah Beringin)...Kak Jah...HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU..wish you a very happy and joyful years filled with flowery of excitement and happiness and may you success in your career and in life...LOVE YOU ALWAYS & REALLY MISS YOU A LOT...isk isk isk..

It's the second day of January 2009, this morning it's raining and cloudy so I guess some people might still be sleeping and dreaming hehehe...Well, yesterday was the 1st day of January 2009 and it was a public holiday and I didn't have much things to do except cleaning my room and spending time with parents besides watching TV. Not intended to go out or "window shopping hunting for shoes...hehehhee"...Hemm, what's my resolution for this year eh? (well I guess I want to make it happen then I can tell the resolution...hehehe..wait and see...Insyaallah)

I want to congrat to all my students for passing their final exams especially for those taking BUS312:

(section 1) - farhan, illa, fatin, hasrul, yani, afiq, asyraf, faris, ferhad, shahir, naquib, nawal, nik, mizah, sarah, aniqah, raayeiyah, wani, kina, umar, yasmin & zuhairah.

(section 3) - aedy, afiq, marina, izzat, nazrul, fadzli, shahril, syafiq, nor syafiqa, noreen, liyana, azriyan, fatihah, ilyuni, aza, shazarina, ariffah, bahiah, izyan, aishah, harni, syafiqah, syafiq, syahnim & zaihan.

Not to forget congrats to my students for BUS202A (section 1): siti norazlina, redzuan, fadzli, safinaz, aniqah, aimi afiqah, norajinah, nur amira, nurfatin amira, yati, nazihah, sharifah, umairah, izzat & wan nur amira.

Last but not least for my Final Project (COS330) students: mallis, sakti, aris, john, ganu, elya, farah, sheeba, abu & afiq

Congratulations to all of you and I'm very proud of your hardwork, commitment and effort. Thank you also for being my students and to have good times with all of you...hope we can keep in touch...and love you all always
That's it for now...continue to prepare time table for my ICSA students coz next week (5 Jan 09, Monday) will be the registration of ICSA-Matric Sem 2...congrats to all of you in succeeding to battle yourself in Sem 2....see all of you later.