Sunday, August 8, 2010

One Month as Bisnes HOD

Salam and good day all

For the past 1 month was a very hectic and tiresome for me...not only as the ICSA and HRM coordinator but also as the new HOD.

Yup I have been appointed as the new HOD starting 1 July 2010 (my turn after Kak Zulaini). It was not as easy as some people might think or imagine. Being the HOD is not about the title...rather it's about the responsibility (the other shoulder) and entrust (on the other shoulder). Being HOD, one person should possess not only integrity but also showing equity and empowerment to the department members. satisfy every individual is not easy must show a good job and try as possible to be fair to each one.

Different individual shows different attitude and personality...therefore, you must understand the diversity and differences in them. Moreover, being HOD also has its good get to become closer with a person and get to know him/her better and understand much more better about this person.

InsyaAllah, I'll try my very best to become a good HOD and be fair and able to harmonize the least...I'm trying to do something better for the department (for my 1 year service as HOD).

Till then...wassalam...chiowwww