Thursday, February 11, 2010

What a Disappointed Day

Salam and good day

Agak lama x "write" on my blog...been quite bz (as usual the same "cliche" reason). But it's the fact dalam hidup ni semua orang bz kan...even buat a simple task pun dah bz. Tapi tulah tak tau sebenarnya nak tulis apa lg since it's been quite some time tak update my blog.

Today I was quite disappointed. Dua class dah kena "basuh" tadi (marketing and admin class). They've put up my nerve and my patient has come to the limit. Memang kalau boleh taknak la bising2 bebel2 coz masing2 dah besar and dah boleh berfikir dengan waras but because of attitude they've made me so disappointed.

I've let all out since I was so stressed up because of their attitude in my class. I've been so patient and up to yesterday I can't take it any longer. Yes, I memang seorang yang penyabar but once I explode, everything burst. Don't take advantage too much on what I've given. Dah banyak sangat bagi muka tapi diorang take for granted and not serious in class at all.

Well, I guess I will not be coming for their next class. Bukan merajuk cuma memang kecewa and they made me feel unhappy. Fikirlah keberkatan dan keredhaan setiap ilmu yang dicurahkan kepada mereka but they really take for granted. I guess biarlah kalau dah diorang pun tak makan saman apa yang ditegur tadi then, let me play my part...we'll see what happen then.

I don't mind at all of not being liked and I just do my part and play my role as a lecturer come to class lecture, etc....if they don't have the like in or on's ok then...coz I've no thing to lose.