Wednesday, December 31, 2008


The year 2008 is going to end in a moment...the new year 2009 is coming...hemm what's the resolution for the new year to come???...more shoes?...heheheheheheh...(of course...can't resist of being addicted)

Today, I am happy coz managed to finish my work (even some of them yet to be done, but for the moment still I can handle some part of it). First of all, I have done my coursework mark for PJJ subject Organizational Behavior and hope that they could get better result. For azizah, fauziah, aishah, sheeda, fawzie, azmin, and ajai...good luck and all the best hope can see u all again (Insyaallah). Next...hemm to tidy up my room (so a garbage store..wakakkakakaa)...well feels like to "upah" someone to tidy up my room...heheheeheheh...(who's willing to help me raise ur hands!!!)...

Well, tomorrow will be the public holiday for new year, hemm everybody keeps asking me where do I want to celebrate new year...what's to celebrate for??? (dulu bole la terkinja2...terlompat2 kat merdeka, with the aging moment, better think of something beneficial to do). Maybe stay at home and thinking what will be the next move or what will be the new resolution (new ke??...rasa mcm kena carry forward jek resolution yg thn ni ke new year 2009...biasa la tu mcm x pernah buat...ahaks)...Whatever it is, the most important thing is for me to improve myself, to be a better person and also to think what's best for me.

Jodoh pertemuan di tangan Tuhan yang Maha Kuasa, keep searching of what I, peace?, harmony?...above all it's our life to decide and make it happen...and I'll pray to Allah that new year will bring me joy and happiness..and lagi murah rezeki...Insyaallah

Well, friends HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009...hope this new year will be much more better than before...till then...sayonara...chiowwwwwwww

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Well dah ptg rupanye...x sedar pun (cewah khusyuk na keja la ni..ahaks). eemm today is a very hectic day. mcm2 perangai org ari ni ada. suma mcm bagus tp tang keja entahla. kadang2 kita ni buat keja mcm tangkap muat je kan...well..that's life and that's human beings...ada yg bagus bercita2 tinggi tp ada yg suma nak harap kat orang...

well...what's the reward u get at the end? $$$, patch on the back?, best employee award? or even a simple thank you that can make u smile all the way home...well people, think about that. mcm org Islam katalakan, mendapat keberkatan dan keredhaan itula yg akan menjadikan kita lebih sedar akan diri kita.

semalam baru je beralalu 1 muharam..ingat nak jadi orang yg lebih bersabar dan memahami tapi surroundings make u even worse. entahla zaman skrg ni kan byk btl yg berlaku. org dah hormat kita, no appreciation, no recognition, thank you...apala nak jadi in the future...renung2 kan la...
Ya Tuhan...semoga di tahun baru ini Kau berikanla aku kekuatan dan murahkanla rezeki ku..aminnnnnnnnnnnnnn



waaaaa...igt bole cuti lama sampai next week tp kena dtg gak coz byk tol keja nak kena buat..benciiiiiiiiiiiii...kalu x dtg keja x siap dahla suma penting kena siapkan before students masuk...migrain..migrain..migrain..

MY INTRO so excited (macam jakun la pulak...wakakakaka) last i have my own blog (itu pun suruh mamat buatkan..hehehehe)...biasala terlebih pandai sampai nak buat blog pun kena org buat kan...huhuhu

Anyway...welcome to the viewers, readers, atau seangkatan dengannya to my zone...BEWARE OF THE CATS ladies and gentlemen...nothing much to say...just to introduce my site..happy reading

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