Monday, May 17, 2010


Salam and good day all

Now is raining with thunder outside the office. Yet, I am still at the office stuck with work that is unending...never ending story. 5 minutes more to see Dean Laili to discuss few matters with my boss (Kak Ani), Gee and Dilla regarding our department's workload.

Centralized marking began since last week and me and my members just done our BUS 202A marking...yet I have 3 more subjects to mark. Starting this sem we begin to do centralize marking together with 2nd marker to see the fairness in marking. Hopefully all's well end's well.

I'm targetting to go back at 6.30 or else I'll be arriving home late. For past few weeks I haven't had enough rest and sleep coz need to settle all the markings and carry marks since my students have started asking their carry marks (wwaaaaaa)...

Till then...chiowwww


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