Thursday, April 1, 2010

NICE Entrepreneurship Conference yang Menarik

Salam and good day all

On Tuesday (30/3) and Wednesday (31/3/10) UiTM had conducted its Entrepreneurship Conference at Shah Alam Convention Centre (SACC) kat PKNS....wahhhh since I was graduated from UiTM...rasa2 nya almost 4 years la x jejak kat Shah Alam...byk perubahan especially PKNS tu...fuh not bad dah sekarang. Dulu, time2 study kat situ tempat melepak hahhahahah...kira PKNS tu paling glamer la bagi kitorang.

Dpt la jumpa balik Dr. Lenora, very nice x berubah so tanya khabar and what's the new stories. And also jumpa Kak Norkiah lecturer kat YPM dulu before dia pindah UiTM. She's changed a lot...but still yg respect dia masih remember me lagi...respect her for that and x sombongla kan. So kami gerak from KPTM around 7:45 am and jalan agak jam so sampai SACC tu nearly 9:00 am so register then had some breakfast. 9:30 am the conference began. Guess what? The conference was launched by Dato Mukhriz....uuuuuu at last dpt tgk dia lively...handsome...heheh. All's well ended well...even some of the presentation quite average but the input was informative and I got knowledge of what is happening now in the entrepreneurship world outside.

Day 2 (Wed 31/3) gerak from KPTM jugak around 7 am something still jalan agak jam almaklumla pagi2 kan time org gi keja and sampai agak lewat tu. Supposedly the first presentation started at 8:30 am so without wasting time gi breakfast skit then masuk hall tengok2 panel tgh buat her presentation, so x dpt la nak tgk from beginning...dia dah nak ending part, the conclusion part. Of all the presentations and forums presented, yg paling best was the part of Mydin, Otai Burger, Upin-Ipin punye CEO...they all presented with good energy and very very very informative. I've got the idea to propose to the college to invite either Otai or Upin-Ipin to come and give talk about their experience in entrepreneurship. Seronok sgt dgr diorang cerita.

Habis conference around 5 pm then before went back to adala minum petang skit. On Tuesday balik tu hujan lebat and sampai tp on Wednesday pulak jalan punyala jam so sampai KPTM dah pukul 7....huhuhuhuhu lambat lg la sampai umah. Alhamdulillah, bila sampai CM bus dah ada tu pun bus last tau...sempat gak sampai umah pun around 9:30 pm...penat x igt coz dahla back-to-back bengkel, conference, class, meeting....terkejar sana-sini...penat punye pasal sampai lupa nak mandi...terus je zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....then next morning bangun for the new day..

Till then...salam...chiowww

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