Saturday, September 4, 2010


Salam and good day all

Semalam (3/9/10) pukul 10.30 ada perjumpaan dgn Dr. Wan Sabri (TRHEP) regarding the presentation of ICSA club proposal nak buat team-building this coming October...InsyaAllah. Dr. Wan byk la jugak bg idea and we did some brainstorming session. And I was so glad coz he gave good complement to ICSA and requeset asked to promote the program so that kita dapat feedback yang bagus in terms of studens enrolment. Once dah meeting dengan dia...kena pergi lagi 1 meeting...approval of our kenala tunggu lg..

Tunggu punya tunggu...sampai tengah hari then Amir kata masuk petang coz yelah nak solat Jumaat dah by 2.45 pm kena standby untuk meeting budget.

Around 3 pm something tu me, Amir, Alif, and Hanis entered the room kat LT 2.1 kat situ adalah Shukri, En. Usop (logistic), exec. kewangan, and chaired by Dr. we all pun discuss la our budget...eeemmm macam biasalahkan bila dah present budget ni macam2 lah benda itu ini nak potong. Well, I tak suka nak panjang2 kan citer and nak complicated kan few matters so I've decided to cut some of the items so that diorang dapat more/less per head of student to give the expense budget.

Then, Dr. Wan kata bolehke kitorang manage to find source of fund?...Then I replied said don't worry I am so convinced on my anak-anak buah yang mereka boleh buat kerja and all these while they were trained to become good financier...InsyaAllah...yelah at some times we need to be confident to convince someone especially those yg higher level so that we can prove that we can produce something to make these people proud and impressive.

Pas meeting tu...Alhamdulillah at least our proposal and budget approved even we need to adjust on few things in terms of nak buat something different to the team-building program (later I'll story ok...).

Dah meeting proposal and budget, we straight ahead to LT 3.4 to meet the students @ committee to inform about the decision from the meeting and a few things discussed on the meeting.

Till then...salam

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