Monday, December 28, 2009

What's in Life?

Today is 28 December 2009 (Monday) year is just around the corner and the year 0f 2009 will be ending soon. Emm wondering if I have succeeded fulfilling my resolution (hehehe)...guess not fully 100% and as usual it will be forwarded to the next year's resolution (hahaha)...well better not to say it out loud coz if it's not working out...MALUUUUU...huhuhu

I'm on leave today till next week (10 January 2009) but I have to come today to settle my ICSA Matric exam result analysis because I'm waiting for 3 more subjects (Quantitative Methods, Economics, and Computer)...but sometimes due to work demands me to commit myself to come to the office and settle everything (but sometimes tak settle jugak kena bawak balik rumah and dok terperap dalam bilik with my notebook doing my work). But sometimes some people they tend to mumble and complaint for their work and some of them are quite annoyed of being so much hypocrite...we should be thankful and grateful for given the job as compared to those people who are still wandering and searching for job. But yet, they are some people who do not feel thankfu for it...bising keja banyak sgt nak buat tapi bila fikir balik it's logic kan? Yela dapat gaji banyak of course la keja pun banyak (compatible with what u are doing and also with your high paid income...chehh..)..Well biarla apa2 pun Allah yang Maha Berkuasa atas segala-galanya.

Well, when talking about commitment ni banyak perkara yang perlu kita fikirkan right? People around me always ask "Bila nak kahwin?...Are u being so choosy?....Baik kahwin cepat, umur dah meningkat...bla..bla..bla.."...Yeah...yeah...yeah...thank you for all the concerns and worries.'s not that I don't want to get married or whatsoever...I just tell them..."Belum jodoh lagi; Belum ada teman lagi; etc...etc...etc.."...Sometimes, when I think of this married thing....again I ask myself whether I am prepared enough to commit myself to married life? Perkahwinan sesuatu yang dituntut dalam agama but when u think of getting married because u have to get married or sebab dah sampai seru BUT THERE'S NO PREPARATION AND COMMITMENT...then what will happen later?

Apa2 pun I always pray to Allah to give me strength and courage to face what's ahead of me...Insyaallah doa moga Allah pertemukanku jodoh yang boleh menerima dan menjaga saya dengan baik dan sehingga akhir hayat...Amin...

Till then..wassalam

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